Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Courtney Love Says Muppets Raped Kurt Cobain's Memory

Allow me to roll my eyes before I say this.

Courtney Love is upset that in the latest Muppets movie, which is coming out on DVD next week, there is a rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit which she didn't give permission for (though she didn't have to give permission for it since she sold the rights to the song to another company).

But really, while I am not going to speak for Kurt Cobain, the fact that he was seemingly pleased that Weird Al parodied that song would make it seem like he would have probably been happy about the Muppets doing that song too. Because aside from Fox News, who hates the Muppets?


Brandt Hardin said...

Kurt changed my life with his insightful and surreal music and lyrics. I only wished he could have stuck around to make more to listen to for future generations. I was compelled to compose a portrait of him In Memoriam recently on the anniversary of his death on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/04/in-memoriam-kurt-cobain-and-lane-staley.html Drop in and tell me your memories of his music and how it’s affected you.

Semaj said...

((though she didn't have to give permission for it since she sold the rights to the song to another company))

And, that's the reason she's really upset. Somehow, this Zombie has lingered on after Kurt's death still trying to stay in the spotlight with very little talent.

I believe Kurt would have been happy with the results of the muppet thing.

Mitchell Craig said...

Personally, Courtney Love is the anti-Yoko. If circumstances are to be believed, she all but pulled the trigger of that shotgun. Why she never followed him into the undiscovered country is one of those mysteries Robert Stack never got to investigate

Maven said...

LOL @ Zombie. No truer word spoken on the topic!