Friday, November 04, 2011

Do You Ever Confuse Two Similarly Named Celebrities

I always mix Karl and Keith Urban up.

I know they have similar names and all, but come on, one was in the excellent RED and who would most likely play fellow blogger Lee Sargent in a movie, the other is a country singer.

I mean, with other last names, I don't mix celebrities up. Like I don't mix Emily and James Blunt up, or the various Allens, Jones, Smiths and Atkinsons up either.

What is it about "Urban" that has that effect on me. Perhaps I will never know.

But are their any celebrities which confuse when seeing their names?


Lee said...

I always get them confused myself and thank you for helping out with the "who would play you in a film" although Tracey thinks it's more Ricky Gervais :)

I'll take Karl Urban any day... (Karl... that's right)

Ashi said...

its always difficult for me and i guess it will be... :o)