Friday, October 28, 2011

The November A-Z Movie Challenge

I picked up this little challenge from the Goozchix blog, and since I haven't done anything like this in a while, it seemed like something that would be fun to do.

The basic rules are:

* You must choose 1 movie to watch for each letter of the alphabet.
* Each movie must be one you have not seen.
* You have to watch them in alphabetical order (that was unwritten, but important)

I am supposed to write a post for each one, but I think I will likely take a page from Samuraifrog's book and do a weekly recap of the movies I watched.

And here is my tenative list for November:

Battle Royale
Even Money
Forbidden Kingdom
Hard Boiled
Infernal Affairs
Kung Fu Panda 2
Lady Snowblood
My Young Auntie
The Navigator
Ong Bak
Quantum of Solace
Shaolin Soccer
A Very Long Engagement
Wolf Creek
X-Men First Class
The Young Poisoner’s Handbook
Zabriskie Point

So, anyone else think this seems like an interesting challenge too? (you don't have to do it in a month either ;) )


Megan said...

Yes. It does seem interesting. But why is the alphabetical order important?

Lee said...

That seems like a pretty cool challenge - I might consider it for December!! Look forward to reading the recaps as there are a bunch I haven't seen also.

MC said...

Megan: That was how the idea developed as the group of us who decided to do it discussed it.

Lee: December has that extra day (and holidays), so that makes it easier to do.