Saturday, October 08, 2011

I Don't Want To Believe

My entire life, I knew that the Detroit Lions were bad, and they'd always be bad. Yes, there were some sparks of life during the Barry Sanders years, but they were never going to go to the Super Bowl, and I was naive to think they ever could during those years.

I don't want to believe that they could possibly be good this year because my worldview is predicated on them being bad. It was one of those universal truths, like winter following autumn, the sun rising and setting and that there will never be a frozen pizza as good as fresh.

Like all those Red Sox fans who wanted them to finally win the World Series, but deep down during those years, many were asking themselves, just how could they screw it up.

That is the question I am asking myself today... how are the Lions going to screw this up. I know they will, deep down in my heart, I know that they will fail, and if I start to believe they can actually have a chance of winning the whole ball of wax, and then they screw up in ways only they can imagine before they've happened

I think that is the strange masochism of sports fandom when you support a team which is bad 95% of the time.

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