Monday, September 26, 2011

Scarface Being Re-Remade

I don't swear a lot on this blog. This post is a huge exception to that. You are forwarned.

Hollywood, and very specifically Universal Pictures, Martin Bregman and Marc Shmuger, go fuck yourselves.

Seriously. Go. Fuck. Your. Selves.

And this isn't coming from a place of super fandom of De Palma's Scarface. This is coming from my pure exasperation with this trend that just won't die.

3D is going to eventually die, but these remakes are just going to keep coming. They are going to keep paving over the past with shitty movies that tarnish the legacy of better films, and the people who are doing this, from the beginning of the process to the end are all assholes.

How many versions of this story do we need to see, and how could they possibly up the ante on a bloody, profanity laced movie starring someone who at the time had been nominated for 5 Oscars. Yes, I know the 1983 version was a very topical remake anyway.

I know there are no original ideas anymore, but the least someone involved could do is at least put the veneer of originality on these things instead of attaching them to an existing property, because they could totally start another franchise with those same elements.

But they won't because they are all lazy asses who deserve to get punched in the throat and beaten within an inch of their lives. Instead, they will get promotions.

Fuckheads. Every last one of them.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I heard something in passing today about Angelina Jolie talking about doing a remake of TOP GUN and was surprised at how quickly I could taste the bile in my throat. This kind of lazy filmmaking infuriates me. So many elements had to come together to make a movie like SCARFACE work and you can never recapture lightning in a bottle and it's always been my opinion that you should never try.