Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News About The Long Kiss Goodnight Sequel

It is no secret that I love The Long Kiss Goodnight with a passion.

And once again, the idea of a sequel is being bandied about, this time with the pen behind Burn Notice taking over for the fabulous Shane Black. Given how much I love the original, and how quotable it is, I do have some concerns about the level of quipping in this potential sequel.

I also have concerns about the theoretical character dynamic in this movie.

The thing I loved about Mitch Hennessey was he was just some ill-dressed private eye who got in way over his head helping what he thought was just some mousy housewife with amnesia, and yet, he still managed to kick ass and save the day a few times, despite being second fiddle by the end because of his client's sudden recollection of her past, and her skills. As I said in an earlier post, "He is a relatively unimportant man thrust into a situation which is really beyond his talents or experiences, and that's what makes it so great." But with Mitch helping Sam/Charly's daughter hunt down the people who killed her mother, it looks like he will be the character totally taking the lead, and I really don't like that.

Then again, I am also uncomfortable with the idea that Caitlyn has trained with her mother and became a badass herself.

So I have some reservations about this sequel now, though I also had some trepidation going into the upcoming p/remake of The Thing, and I have warmed to it after seeing the trailers, so while I am worried about this movie now, I have to see how this develops now.

In the meantime, I still have the original movie to satisfy me.

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Dave2 said...

I'm very "meh" over the whole thing. It's as if they've just taken Tarantino's idea for Kill Bill Vol. 3. Bring back Sam! Bring back Gina Davis! I'd rather her daughter be kidnapped and she has to leave behind her new suburban life and become a killer again.

On the other hand... the daughter is now Mitch and Mitch is now Sam when it comes to experience, which might be interesting.