Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fanboyism and My Take On Remakes

Aaron Davis posted an article at Hobo Trashcan which I really agree with regarding the nature of a particularly vocal set of fans. The kind of fans who cannot be satisfied by anything, especially when it comes to comic book movies. They find fault in everything.

After reading the article, I started to think about my own vocal objections with remakes in general, and I tried to hold myself to the same standard I am holding fanboys to by proxy.

And you know what, I think I do have a case for feeling this way.

I think in the majority of cases, the reason I get upset about remakes, aside from the fact that I'd rather see something new, is the fact that I am generally happy with the original version of a movie to begin with, so on some level, I think a remake cheapens that vision, even when it is a movie that had a lower budget or lacked star power.

That is my main objection. I think it is a fair one as well. I am not overly negative about this issue, though sometimes I exaggerate for comedic effect. It comes more from a place of disappointment rather than anger.

I am also capable of standing by my principles. I won't see a remake just to see how bad they screw something up, and I am willing to give the few that might be interesting a chance, and I am willing to admit when I am wrong... I think that is a huge difference.


SamuraiFrog said...

I think that's a huge difference, too, and something I could've mentioned. I am exhausted by seeing the same thing over and over.

MC said...

No, you did an admirable job.