Monday, July 11, 2011

James Franco Blames Everyone But Himself For The Oscars

Gah! James Franco just keeps playing the blame game when it comes to his cohosting stint at the Academy Awards.

First he sort of insinuated that Anne Hathaway was the problem at the Oscars during an appearance with David Letterman, which wasn't cool.

Now he is blaming the writers. Granted, there may have been some problems with the material, and I am not denying there were some execution problems, but still... he is protesting way too much.

I am thinking about some of the other people who went down in flames hosting an awards show and you know what... they almost all totally own it and they laugh about it, but Franco isn't.

If James Franco owned it, people would let it go. But because he keeps trying to pass the buck on everyone else, it is just making it worse.

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