Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gene Simmons Is Getting Married?

Anyone else think it is strange that after 25 years Gene Simmons popped the question to long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed.

I don't generally write about this sort of thing, but it is just weird.

I mean, aren't they technically married due to common law anyway?

Part of me (ok, most of me) thinks that this is just something that they have cooked up for that stupid reality show Family Jewels. It has to be. Because really, why would he suddenly have this massive change of heart.

The other reason I can think of is he feels intensely guilty about something he has done recently and he is trying to make amends without disclosing the actual deed in question.

In either case, it seems sort of suspicious for one reason or another.


Kal said...

Why can't you just believe in Gene's transmormation and the power of the love between these two crazy kids? I need to be positive until I am let down. Maybe this isn't some cynical celebrity event. I see less of that in this show than you would ever think. K, freaking out now because I am argueing this point.

Semaj said...

I want to know who the person was that gave this post a one star?

A Gene Simmons fan?

Yeah, it does seem like something they cooked up for the reality show.

Side Note: Have you seen a recent Picture of Shannon Tweed? that's a lot of plastic.

MC said...

Kal: I have got cynicism flowing through my veins.

Semaj: I wish I knew as well.