Monday, June 13, 2011

The Goofy/Pluto Thing

I wonder if Mickey Mouse and Goofy ever had a certain uncomfortable conversation about Pluto.

You know, something that went a little like this:

Goofy: Ahoy Mickey.

Mickey: Oh, hey Goofy. What's going on?

Goofy: Ah, not too much, but I wanted to talk to you about something. I just happened to notice that you keep one of my canine brethren as a pet.

Mickey: So what's your point?

Goofy: Well, it just doesn't seem right. I mean, he's a dog just like me, and yet, you keep him like a slave.

Mickey: Put it this way, if certain actors don't like the fact that I have Pluto as a pet, then I am sure we can recast the part. Hmmm, do I know any other dogs that could play that role?

Goofy: Wait Mickey, now don't do anything rash.

Mickey: I just don't want anyone to be offended. That sentiment seems to be going around.

Goofy: No, no, no no. I was just making an observation, that's all. Consider it withdrawn.

That's what I thought.

You know they had a conversation about it at least once.

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