Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Weiner Resigns *facepalm*

I am probably going to be updating this post throughout the day as I think of things to add.

I can't believe Anthony Weiner is resigning. Don't get me wrong, I don't support the choices he made, but let's cast our minds back and think about all the other things his fellow representatives have done which were far worse than sending some pictures of his junk to some women. I mean, the late Senator Ted Kennedy left the scene of an accident where a woman died and he ended up serving with that body until his death.

I mean, before the Civil War, Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner nearly to death with his cane at his desk while another colleague held others back with a pistol and for that act, he resigned. I think sending provocative pictures through electronic devices ranks a lot lower on the "should I resign meter?" than that.

Think of all the caught adulterers, escort clients, tax cheats, hypocrites, embezzlers, takers of bribes, acknowledged corporate servants etc, and weigh that against one dude who *gasp* lied about sending photos electronically to women before and after his marriage.

Not under oath. He just lied to protect a personal matter. And to me, in that situation, I can totally understand telling the lies because I can make the differentiation between lying about a personal, non-criminal matter (as I understand it) and lying about something in his professional life. And I am someone who really takes a seriously dim view on infidelity.

But if David Vitter, who took his shots at Clinton and called for him to resign didn't do so himself when he was faced with his own multiple scandals involving different escort agencies. Around the same time, Eliot Spitzer resigned for essentially the same offense, which leads me to the conclusion that either Republican politicians are generally hypocrites or the Democrats don't have the balls to tell their opponents to just shove it. I think it is probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

So if Anthony Weiner is going down, I hope he goes down swinging. Burn bridges. Resign in epic fashion and call out everyone. Or have everyone believe you are going to resign and then be defiant and tell the world he isn't going to resign until Vitter and a bunch of other politicians resign to and then mention the fact that Andrew Breitbart wants an apology and respond with something "I'm sorry... that he feels that way. Maybe I would be more inclined to apologize to him and his organization if he actually got more stories right in the first place. I mean, I am sure I could lock a bunch of monkeys in a closet with some word processors, and they'd come up with some more accurate stories than Andrew Breitbart "reports" on daily."

I'd love to see someone, anyone in a situation like this go full blown movie protagonist like President Shepherd near the end of The American President.

I know Jon Stewart has been ripping on him for a few weeks, but I think he might be a little gentler tonight.

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