Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seth MacFarlane Redoing The Flintstones For Fox

That is some terrible news right there.

I guess Matt Groening can't get another cartoon since Seth Macfarlane is sucking up all the animation budgets now. I mean, they both had shows which were cancelled by Fox and resurrected because of their repeats on cable TV.

So I must ask, when will MacFarlane have enough. And when will the viewing public have enough of his work too.

You remember a long time ago, I mentioned the fact that it seemed that J.J. Abrams could only work on one show at a time, since every time he did two, the new show got all the attention while the older show really went off course?

Well, if you thought MacFarlane's other shows were bad now, think about how much worse they'll be when he is working on four.

Yes, The Flintstones fits in with his overall pattern of show development as well.

So we get a remake and Seth MacFarlane taking over more of the airwaves... that is a bad idea all around.

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