Monday, April 04, 2011

The Robocop Statue Is A Go

Someone suggested to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing that a statue of Robocop be built, and the mayor politely declined the suggestion (and let's be honest, with all the budget problems Detroit is facing, from the municipal government's point of view, that is indeed a wise decision).

However, after news broke about the tweet, a lot of people started mulling over the idea, and Peter Weller got into it too.

So a group of people privately raised the money to erect said statue (about 67 thousand dollars collected from 2700 people) and it looks like it may be going up on the campus of Wayne State University's Tech Town in the Downtown Detroit area.

And since people got together for that, there is another group in Detroit who seem to be collecting money for a local charity using the same Robocop theme.

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