Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Johnny Depp To Cameo in 21 Jump Street Movie?

Well, it seems as if it is almost official: Johnny Depp is set to cameo in the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie.

It is a really cool gesture... I am surprised they aren't going to get the whole gang back together as a joke.

Imagine if there was a scene in the new 21 Jump Street movie where the youthful officers were chasing down a suspect and they run behind a bus bench or a cafe scene and the film would pause a second to hear a group of older people, played by Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson-Peete, Peter DeLuise and Richard Grieco complaining about the youth of today. I am sure most of those actors are available at a moment's notice to do just that.

And since the upcoming movie is a comedy, I would die laughing if the Johnny Depp cameo was something he had suggest for Hanson's character when he was trying to get off the show (from the IMDB):

"As Johnny Depp became increasingly frustrated with the series, he began to put forth ridiculous suggestions for his character to the producers. One such a suggestion included the discovery by the other characters that Tom Hanson was obsessed with peanut butter, and would be discovered by the other characters smearing it all over his naked body."

I could totally see Jonah Hill writing that scene. It seems totally up his alley. But I don't think Depp or Hill has the kind of balls to try to pull that scene off.

If either of them dispute that, then prove me wrong, prove me wrong, but I don't think you will.


Semaj said...

Richard Grieco and Holly Robinson have nothing else to do, I'm sure they would. It doesn't surprise me that Depp would do a cameo.

Craven wanted him for "New Nightmare", but didn't get enough guts to ask him at the time because Depp was then a rising star. Later Depp asked Craven "Why didn't you ask me to do an appearance?"

Depp is generally a nice guy.

Lee said...

I am sure most of those actors are available at a moment's notice to do just that.

That's cold man.