Monday, April 11, 2011

It Is So Much Worse When You Know What You Are Missing

When I was in high school, me and a group of friends stopped by the local 7/11 after school one day and we all bought gigantic Slurpees. The featured flavor at the time was a wonderful strawberry banana blend, and I am a big fan of that combination.

And as we walked away from the store, I lost my grip on the cup and the entire contents splattered onto the grass.

It as it was noted by someone at the time, that incident was a little worse than it could have been since I had already gotten to taste the contents of the cup before I dropped it, so I knew exactly what I was missing.

Why did I preface this entry with that anecdote?

I bought a copy of Plants Vs Zombies: Game Of The Year Edition over the weekend. I enjoyed playing the first few levels and then after that, it just keeps crashing because of my particular OS, so it is in essence, unplayable in the long term.

So I know how fun it is, because I got a taste of how good it really was and yet, I now can't have it.

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Arjan said...

wouldn't it be a solution to be a 2nd hand Windows XP pc so you can play tons of games and do stuff that you couldn't till now? Wouldn't cost too much I think.