Monday, April 18, 2011

Express Checkout: M Night, LARPing, Sex Toys

-There is currently a campaign spearheaded by three disillusioned fans to raise 150K to send M. Night Shyamalan to NYU film school to improve his craft, or barring that, start a scholarship under his name to send a film student who wins a film festival of their own devising to NYU in his place. I support that second option wholeheartedly. Currently they have raised under a grand for this project.

-There is a movie coming out this year called The Knights of Badassdom which will deal with the fictional conceit that Summer Glau does Live Action Role Playing... err, rather that a group of Live Action Role Players accidently summon a demon and they must then try to defeat it. See, when I think of LARPing in movies, the way it is portrayed Role Models seems to be the version that has stuck with me since I believe that the characters involved would actually do that.

-Apparently there is a company in China that thought that the best person they could think of to use to brand their sex toys was Mischa Barton. Oh China... you so crazy! And the idea that somehow she was going to file legal action against a company in rural China who is creating and selling this particular device is even funnier (and I am not laughing at Barton's predicament... it is just a lost cause in my eyes).

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