Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Does Anyone Care About The Royal Wedding

I say this as a citizen of a commonwealth nation, so there is some measure of respect here: does anyone really care about the upcoming royal wedding? Seriously, anyone?

I don't know these people, I've never met them and in all honesty, since they don't do anything which is remotely entertaining, I really don't care that they are getting married.

And my third point is the reason I bring this up: they aren't in entertainment, and yet it seems that a lot of entertainment related shows are just running with this wedding. Why?

Are they making a movie out of it... is it going to be the basis of a reality show?

I know, I am not the demographic some of these shows may be looking for (thank you entertainment websites for filling that void that entertainment shows used to fill), but honestly, if you personally aren't getting married this year, why do you care what the bride's dress look like or if the royal couple has a prenuptial agreement. Hard news stations are talking about the prenuptial agreement, and those news directors deserve a punch in the nose for that. Are they going to get money from that divorce if the relationship goes south? Am I? No? Then it isn't news. Or at least it isn't first half hour of a local newscast news.

Maybe I am still bitter about a particular day from my youth where our entire school went on a field trip to a local park during one of the Queen's visits to Canada. Do you know what happened? We were told to wave at the Queen as she drove by. The car had tinted windows and I deeply suspect that she was holding a few fingers in our general direction while sticking out her tongue.

I'm just sick of hearing about it... and knowing it is just going to become more and more prevalent across the news spectrum as the date approaches makes me a little angry.


Megan said...

You know what scares me? This is absolutely nothing compared to what's going to happen when E2 kicks it and they get to have a coronation. Oh, lord...

MC said...

But I don't think there will be a lot of build up to that death... she will pass away and then the hubbub will begin.

The coronation... that is going to be huge.