Friday, March 25, 2011

The Venture Brothers Renewed For Two More Seasons

Yes! In a week full of depressing real world news (which I felts compelled to bitch about earlier in the week), this little tidbit really lifted my spirits.

Earlier this week Jackson Publick announced that the Cartoon Network has renewed The Venture Brothers for two more seasons and there is going to be a longer Venture Brothers related project as well.

I love The Venture Brothers so much it hurts and this news, along with the fact that I've discovered that G4Tech TV has started showing the second half of the 4th season up here in Canada... ooh, I'm in for some good times.

Now if some station would just start showing the second season, I'd be in total bliss.

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Semaj said...

That is very good news. I need to catch up on some of the latest episodes