Monday, February 14, 2011

Recommendation Fail

First of all, I'm trying to figure out where the intersection between PS2 era wrestling games and mopey melodramatic vampire romance is.

And how did I end up standing in it last night at Amazon?

Because nothing in my buying history there, recent or otherwise, should ever bring up a Twilight movie.

Based on my purchase history, Amazon should be trying to sell me the following items:

Books on Soccer
Books on Football
PS2 Role Playing and Fighting Games
Books by Terry Pratchett I Don't Own
Graphic Novels in the vein of Scott Pilgrim.

But really... a Twilight movie? *facepalm*


Semaj said...

That reminds me of the strange recommendations I get on Netflix. I have no idea how they connected Twilight to WWE

Arjan said...

Don't you want to put the smack down on Twilight? :P

MC said...

Well, I can certainly smell what Amazon's cookin', that's for sure (it is meth).