Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen Must Be Planning Something

OK, Charlie Sheen has to be trying to get fired or end Two and a Half Men at this point. That is the only thing that I can think of that will explain his continued outbursts and rants.

I know celebrities get weird ideas in their head, but you know, if someone was paying me almost 2 million dollars an episode (not to mention a huge chunk of residual money), I think I would keep my mouth shut until after that was over.

Maybe I am weird like that... you know, enjoying getting paid. Because they can do the show without him. They did Valerie after Valerie Harper left, so for a little more money, they will find a way to do 20 more episodes next year without Sheen (and given the ratings, maybe more).

And Charlie Sheen has the balls, the huge swinging brass balls to ask for even more money after he was slinging insults at Lorre and the rest of the crew? Yeah, that's not happening.

If it was any other job and you did what Charlie Sheen has done, you'd be fired. Pro athletes are looking at what Sheen has done and wincing. Think about what would happen if you called your employer a "contaminated little maggot". You'd be out on your ass.

The hint any celebrity should take that they really are going too far is when your publicist wants to distance themselves from you.

I mean, in a fight between himself and Chuck Lorre, Sheen is going to lose. Lorre has made the studios a lot of money working with troubled talent, and after those series were done, the troubled person ended up being much less prominent than they were when they were working with him.

Think about it. He created Grace Under Fire with Brett Butler when she was going through her difficulties (which included reportedly flashing her 12-year old son on the show)... and aside from a few guest spots on My Name Is Earl, she largely fell off the map. Admittedly, due to clashes with Butler, Lorre did lose some of his power early on in the life of the series, but he was still making cash as the creator of the show.

Then there was Cybill, with the titular Cybill Shepherd. On Moonlighting, a producer made an ultimatum that it was him or her, and he ended up leaving the show, and that show was infamous for having a lot of back stage drama. Chuck Lorre survived that.

He created Dharma and Greg, which featured Jenna Elfman, noted and vocal Scientologist. He emerged from that unscathed.

But I think what says it all is he worked on Roseanne, and much like New York, if you can make it there, even for a short period of time, you can make it anywhere.

Charlie may still have supporters, but you know what, OJ Simpson does too... it doesn't make either of them right.

Seriously, I am actually starting to side with Denise Richards here and I hate her... I mean, just hate her.

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Semaj said...

I agree with you on the Denise Richards bit. And, you're probably right about Charlie wanting to get fired, but I truly believe he has completely lost his mind too.

I just heard a lot of his interview via the Kevin Smith podcast and some of the stuff he talks about is ravings of a crazy man.

He even disses rehab and says he Self Healed himself within a hour because he's that good. (That almost sounds like Scientology)