Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Anyone Else Noticing Some Blogger-Blogs Disappearing

Has anyone else noticed that some of the blogs on the Blogger network seem to be disappearing intermittently?

I noticed when I tried to go to Nostomanic, Kick Out Wrestling and a few other blogs, it is as if they don't exist for a period of time.

When it first started happening, I was worried that a few of my favorite blogs had closed shop.

Anyone else been having problems with accessing Blogger sites in the past couple days?


SamuraiFrog said...

I haven't seen any myself, but I know some people have said that switching to whatever the new template format is can make your blog disappear.

Maven said...

Yep noticed it! Glad I moved my personalish blog to wordpress a while ago. Have a few blogs still here... who knows. It could be weather related, depending on where their servers are located. The Northeast of the US is getting slammed pretty bad with snow and ice this week.