Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow. America Really Is Screwed Up

So a loving family that happens to be gay is considered obscene in parts of the United States. A woman snapped this picture at a local supermarket chain in Arkansas.

That is seriously messed up. It would make you think that they were engaging in sexual acts or having a blood sacrifice behind that screen rather than proudly holding a lovely baby.

I wonder if those same kinds of shields would have been put in place during a different time if their was a picture of an interracial couple on a magazine cover.

Because of the furor this has caused, the shield has come down, but it still messes with my mind that showing two men holding a baby is obscene.

I really have to do another Enemies List post soon.


Pat Tillett said...

That is SO effed up!!!
You wouldn't see that type of thing in 99% of America...
We have some crazies here!

Tracey said...

That is completely crazy!! Honestly, what did they think was going to happen if they didn't have the 'shields' up?? Just madness!