Monday, January 03, 2011

24: The Feature Film Delayed (at least)

I just read a report that said that everything seemed to be in place for a 24 feature film, but Fox rejected the script.

I have a feeling that if this movie doesn't get made soon, it won't get made at all, because this is the kind of situation where you have to strike while the iron is hot... because people forget about a series after a while, so the return of Jack Bauer in a feature film might not have the same impact in 2-5 years that it would have during the upcoming summer for instance.

Yes, there is talk of Tony Scott being involved and such, but while everyone is trying to put a positive spin on this, I think the script being rejected is likely going to be the first step in the process of the project finally getting killed by studio executives... at least for theatrical release.

But I know there are a lot of people who want more Bauer action, but honestly, I am fine with the way the show ended. Of all the finales I saw over the past few years, it was one of the more satisfying conclusions, and I am prepared to live with that ending.


Semaj said...

Plus, this is FOX we're talking about. The studio known for making poor decisions. I'm guessing the producers are realizing that dealing with FOX's movie devision is much different than dealing with their TV decision. But I'm not saying their any better.

It would be interesting to know why FOX rejected the script.

Arjan said...

Won't be suprised if the movie doesn't get made..

Thinking of it, I don't think I've seen all that many finales with all the cancelling..

I think that 10 might almost be a hard target:
The Wire
SGatlantis (considering that there was a movie promise..)
BandoB (& Pacific)
Jericho (which was cut short)
I'm forgetting one or two..but still.

MC said...

Semaj: Granted, Brian Grazer is also involved, so he could probably apply some pressure if he really wanted to. I would love to know the answer for why that script was rejected myself.

Arjan: I've seen quite a few... most disappoint me.

Maven said...

I've got about 8 more episodes to go before I am done with season 8. I need more Jack Bauer. "Damn it, Chloe... we need more Bauer!"

MC said...

Well, I am sure Mary Lynn Rajskub would like more work too.