Monday, December 06, 2010

Two Villains for the Spiderman Reboot?

So tell me, whose bright idea was it to make a superhero reboot movie with two villains?

I mean, wasn't that the very thing they were trying to fix with this reboot thing in the first place? Haven't they learned their lesson from Spiderman 3 and so many other multiple villain movies?

Just keep it simple. That's what works.


Semaj said...

as long as one of them is kind of introduced here for the second movie and doesn't as much of a impact as they both did in SM3.

SM3 was a mistake of the studio's doing because they forced Venom onto to director and he clearly went by the numbers after that. Super villain team-ups do work. While IM2 had problems, I did like the aspect of the two villains.

Batman Returns had three, but the problem with that film had more to do with no reigning Burton on his Burton-ish stuff, like the first film.

Now, do I have faith in this new team for SM? Nope, not really. But, it seems like this movie is geared toward the teen crowd.

MC said...

I am thinking one is the walk-up call boss and one is the big bad.