Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SyFy Original Movies for Theatrical Release?

Oh Hell No.

If you've ever seen a movie that the SyFy Network has put together that wasn't a pilot for a series, you know that the work of Ed Wood comes off particularly well when compared with these efforts.

I mean, they are just awful affairs amateurishly written, badly developed and often simply paycheck projects for the actors involved.

How anyone at Universal thought that taking that same level of quality and putting it on the big screen boggles my mind. Yes, I am sure there will be a little more money there, but really, how much can you polish a turd, because that's what this amounts to.

Because the world needed to see a sequel to Sharktopus on the big screen, didn't it?


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the $8 movie tickets. There are reasonably good movies I won't see because of ticket price.

The execs probably noticed that some of these movies got decent ratings and thought that it will translate to sales. But there's a big difference between "I'll sit here and laugh at something stupid" and "I'll pay and go out of my way to laugh at something stupid."

Kind of like when I click on an Internet video and I get the message, "watch this 30-second commercial first!" And I think, "You know what? No thanks. I don't care that much."

Arjan said...

you ask? Mythbusters answers