Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Commercial That Gets Me Going Every Time

I've been meaning to write this little rant for a while now, but I'd always forget about it the next morning.

You see, there is a particular Head and Shoulders Ad that clearly exists in the magical world of adland.

Watch it if you haven't seen it before. I'll wait.

Now in what world is that at all cute? Honestly, when would anyone get away with that?

Do you know what would happen if I was that guy in the real world? I'd at least get a dirty look, I'd probably get smacked in the face and perhaps the police would be called and just maybe the whole thing would end up on the news after someone in the salon recorded the aftermath or it was caught on the security camera. And I am not implying that it is a matter of how I look either. I think that would happen no matter what the person looked like.

And I think that is how I would have loved that commercial to have played out... the pervy water guy getting smacked for his harassment, because that wasn't flirtatious... that was just creepy.


Lee Sargent said...

Nah that's creepy, you are completely right it's all in ad land.

Megan said...


Arjan said...

I'd even look strange upon my barber if she would keep stroking my hair for other purposes than work :P

John said...

Agreed, it's totally creepy and borderline assault. Doing something like that is just asking for well-deserved trouble.

MC said...

Homer Simpson did less, and he got portrayed by Dennis Franz in a TV movie.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is the message to the target audience? "Hey ladies--if you want to get felt up by strangers, use our shampoo!"

The Axe commercials, while equally unrealistic, at least knew that their market was prepubescent boys who wanted girls to like them.