Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Thoughts on Mark Wahlberg being Cast in the Uncharted Movie

It's a movie based on a game. It was going to suck no matter what. I know Max Payne was horrible, but Mark Wahlberg was just the feces-based icing on that crap cake.

I know that a lot of people wanted Nathan Fillion to be Nathan Drake in this movie but really, it is better to be disappointed going into a movie like this rather than having high hopes. After all, it might not be as horrible as you think it will be.

Yes, it is going to be horrible, no doubt about it, but it might not be Battlefield Earth bad, and it certainly can't be as awful as Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. A just god wouldn't allow that.

But really, I can't get excited about any movie based on a video game these days. I've been burned too often because they always screw them up. Then the people in your life who don't play games watch these movies and look at you funny because they can't contemplate how the source material for such wretched creations could be captivating on any level.

With Mark Wahlberg, at least we can all have an excuse and just blame him for how bad the movie is, because if you do end up seeing this movie, try to imagine Mr. Fillion having to wade through the ocean of crap that Wahlberg is going to have to swim through.

In the end, I am sure that he is going to be relieved he didn't get this role.


Lee Sargent said...

I actually see very little point in an Uncharted film. Why do I want to sit passively watching an hour and a half movie when I can be interacting with around 12 hours of entertainment.

Uncharted are excellent games in both gameplay and story. Adding a film does not add any value at all.

Kal said...

I wonder how you view the 'Resident Evil' movies. I never played the game but I love the movies. I love Mila and hate that frickin' Umbrella Corp. (best name for an evil corporation ever) and thought the Jill Valentine character in the second film looked like an actual computer generated character by the way she dressed and her body type.

MC said...

Lee: I am hearing rumblings that it is going to be nothing like the games in question other than character names.

Kal: They just aren't as compelling as the source material... and I think that is what ends up being the problem with movies based on games (and ironically enough, games based movies work the same way most of the time).