Friday, October 08, 2010

What Mike Myers Should Do

When I heard that Mike Myers was going to be tackling another cartoon creation in his next film (Pepe Le Pew), I immediately knew it was a bad idea. Yes, it is likely won't be as bad as one of the projects Eddie Murphy has been doing as of late, but it will still be pretty bad (as The Cat in the Hat likely demonstrates).

It got me to thinking... what would rehabilitate Mike Myers in my mind. What could he possibly do that could make me like him again.

Then it hit me: he should do an semi-autobiographical one man show like John Leguizamo did. I mean, before I saw Freak and Sexaholix... A Love Story, I didn't really like him, but now, I appreciate him for the talented individual he is and his struggle as an actor.

Does he still make some duds? Yes. But I can see them for what they are.

And it isn't like Myers wouldn't have a lot of material to draw from for such a project. I mean, there is getting his start in Canada, his movie career, his family. There is a lot of areas he could mine.

But the motherlode would have to be his time on SNL. Are you telling me that people would go to see him discuss some of his experiences on that show in a candid and entertaining manner. And I am sure a lot of people would watch such a performance on HBO too. I know I would.


Semaj said...

That's a pretty good idea. His one man would sell out too if he brought all his old characters and new ones for his stand up show.

I just don't think his ego is bruise enough to for him to take that step. Before Love Guru, he pretty much took a long time off because of the bashing he got from Cat in the Hat.

I'm surprised he didn't disappear after the Love Guru.

But, he's to something like what you're describing

John said...

How about a movie version of Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors?

Myers can play nervous, twitchy types. The play would fit him.

MC said...

Yes, he has to do something different... expand.

Even if he fails, it will still show an aspect of himself as a performer which he can use as the basis of new projects.

Kal said...

The idea of the one man show is such a cool idea. He is a great mimic. Many of his characters have made me laugh.

Casting him in smaller parts where he doesn't have such control over the script would be a great use of his talents. He needs to be rained it. He does know funny but he needs an editor.

Maybe a role for himself in a drama. It worked for Robin Williams and Jim Carrey both of who are often way over the top when they do comedy.

He's a local Canadian boy so I would like to just sing his praises but I can't on so many of his more recent films.

Watch 'Love Gura' and the 'So I Married An Axe Murder' and tell me that he can't make a funny comedy.

Fame makes a person lazy. He's lost his hunger and cruised on his past successes too much lately.

MC said...

Even some more drama would do his profile well.