Monday, October 25, 2010

Dragon Ball Will Have New Chapters

What happens when I start getting into Dragon Ball Z? Well, the original creator decides that now is the right time to come back and write some more chapters.

Yeah, I wish I was that awesome, but once again, coincidence follows me where ever I go.

But rumor has it that with the upcoming release of a MMO based on the Dragon Ball franchise, series creator Akira Toriyama finally gave in after 15 years and has decided that there may indeed be some more stories worth telling in this particular universe. Of course, financially he is also likely to make off like a bandit, as the whole ball of wax that is Dragon Ball has raked in over 4 billion dollars.

And perhaps the bad taste that Dragon Ball GT (a series which Akira Toriyama didn't create) will be washed away by this new project.

The Kai version of DBZ is pretty sweet too as they've cut out a lot of the flab and got it down to a much more manageable and tight presentation. Hopefully when this new manga is made into an animated series (which you know it will), the producers wait a little bit so they don't have to stretch things out with unnecessary sidestories and overly long fighting scenes.

Apparently when this is finally released, it is going to be simultaneously released in both Japanese and an English translation. How awesome is that?


Arjan said...

it's only awesome if they SERIOUSLY tone down on the filler galore that was the Dragon Ball Z cartoon :)

MC said...

The filler was in the cartoon because the resolution to the battles hadn't been written at that point.

To put the filler cutting into perspective, the Saiyan saga was 39 episodes in DBZ, and in Kai the gang arrived on Namek by episode 19.

Megan said...

Over nine thousand!

MC said...

It feels like it sometimes.