Monday, September 06, 2010

Two Little Bits, Related by One Man

-Anyone think it is funny that Machete may make more money at the theatre domestically than Grindhouse, the film that spawned it. It has to have one more good weekend, and it seems like it could eclipse the 25 million dollars that the combined might of Planet Terror and Death Proof produced in their initial theatrical run. This success makes me wonder if any of the other trailers from Grindhouse might now become full-length movies now too. Is a Don't movie in the cards?

-The Comedy Network up here was showing a standup comedy concert marathon this weekend, and I happened to flip it on during Margaret Cho's Beautiful from 2008, and I said to myself that I would watch it to the end unless she mentioned the series All-American Girl, the single-season show she starred in in 1994. But she did. At this point, she has to let it go. Seriously, it has been 16 years. I know that she feels like she got totally screwed on that deal, but most people let that slide after a while, at least publicly. I have a feeling she might even mention it one night on Dancing with the Stars.

Now these two items are related thusly: Grindhouse was codirected by Quentin Tarantino, who directed and appeared on an episode of All-American Girl (and also dated Margaret Cho).

EDIT: Astute reader Jimmy J. Aquino from A Fistful of Soundtracks noticed that I said that QT directed Planet Terror. I put that movie down in error, when I meant to put Grindhouse. I appreciate the correction.


Semaj said...

Machete: I keep hearing about spin offs from that movie being made. I certainly hope they happen. if they show Machete in the U of L theater like Grindhouse, I'm certainly going to be there. Seeing the movie with a bunch of college students was well worth it.

Margaret Cho: Couldn't agree with you more. It's gotten to the point that you can quote from her acts when she mentions All-American girl. It is time for her let it go, if in public.

In the coupling of Quentin Tarantino and Cho, who did you feel bad for first? Granted Quentin probably had to hear about the All-American Girl stuff as it happened.

John said...

Death Proof was so awesome that it deserved top billing to Planet Terror.

My wife bought the DVD for Planet Terror, but refused to watch it. But I convinced her to watch the Machete trailer, she laughed so hard. It was destined to be a box office success in its own right.

For days afterwards, we would say to each other, at random moments, "You just fucked with the wrong Mexican."

Jimmy J. Aquino said...

Tarantino didn't direct Planet Terror, but his melting ballsack is the most disturbing moment of PT, my favorite Rodriguez-directed film.

MC said...

Jimmy: Ooh, that is a bad error on my part. I have to be more careful about that kind of thing. I think him getting "poked" in the eye is more disturbing to me though.

Semaj: Cho had that book and one woman show where she discussed that at length, which I think should have been enough. And I think I felt worse for QT in that pairing because that was about the time when she started her slide after that show was cancelled.

John: I was disappointed with Planet Terror... I don't think it lived up to the trailer hype (I was so excited about it from the teaser they showed on Spike TV).