Monday, September 27, 2010

Shenanigans on Katy Perry and Sesame Street

You know, from the moment I heard about that whole Katy Perry/Sesame Street thing, it seemed like a publicity stunt for both entities and a manufactured outrage.

I mean, think about how many different stages of oversight this whole thing had where a change could have been made. There was waredrobe, coverage, editing both for content and to add the backdrop (so if they wanted to make a change at that point, I am sure they could have changed the line of Perry's cleavage rather easily), and there was a moment where they could have just not put it online and not mention the segment.

But none of that happened, so now Katy Perry gets to be the woman who was just too hot for Sesame Street (which, let's be honest, it was a little cleavage, not the end of Western Civilization), while Sesame Street got mentioned a lot on a variety of programs and on twitter and blogs (ahem). And let's not forget, the segment that was filmed got a lot more views than it likely would have without the manufactured controversy.

It was win-win for both sides in this, because how many people watched Katy Perry on that show that would have never watched it in the first place.


DEZMOND said...

I wasn't sure what was that talentless, and slightly annoying (to be polite), lass doing in SESAME STREET in the first place with or without the indecent cleavage, but now you've explained it all :)

MC said...

Well, she does have quite the following.