Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marvel Superhero Movies: Heading for an Overload

A few minutes ago, I read an article about the development of a film based on the Marvel character Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2, which would be the latest movie announced based on those properties.

But I don't think this is going to turn out well for anyone.

I know it seems like a good idea to strike while the iron is hot, but I could see releasing so many movies based on Marvel properties together turning into a huge problem, especially since most of these movies are supposed to tie together in one way or another.

This trend could lead to a great deal of audience fatigue, and the law of diminishing returns is likely to take effect, because there is indeed times when you can get too much of a good thing.

I mean, think about it, so far in 2011 and 2012, we are expecting X-men: First Class, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, the sequel to Ghost Rider, The Avengers and the Spiderman reboot, Iron Man 3, Deadpool, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. And now there might be another one on top of that.

And that isn't even taking into account superhero movies that DC might be putting out at around the same time, or new Marvel projects that may be announced. When you look at previous years, there were at most 3 Marvel movies in a year, but the average for the next two years is approaching 5, or one nearly every two months.

I think ever die-hard Marvel fans would have to admit, that is a lot of films being crammed together in a relatively short amount of time.

What I think is really going on here is basically the companies that were making these movies in the past got caught flatfooted when Disney acquired Marvel, so they are trying to just make as many movies with the characters they have the rights to before their agreements expire as they possibly can.

From that perspective, it makes sense, but from any other angle, it is too much in too little time. And you know at least one of the above movies is going to absolutely tank because there just isn't enough money on its opening weekend to support both the new release and a previous Marvel movie that is still making money.


Dan said...

On a faintly related note I was quite surprised to hear that they are actually filming scenes from Captain America about 20 miles from my house. They are using a street in Manchester UK to be 1940's New York for some reason.

Lee Sargent said...

It's not a good idea at all, I think you can probably sustain two Marvel movies a year for them to be events and even then one will suffer at the hands of the other as in the case of Hulk and Iron Man. Marvel are just going for the overkill and that's exactly what is going to happen.

Besides what does a Black Widow movie really offer us apart from Scarlett Johansson wearing a tight outfit and fighting (badly) in slow motion? I think we can find better stories to tell from the Marvel universe.

And you're right, at the very same time DC will be churning theirs out though I hardly consider it much of an issue. They completely mishandle the non Superman and Batman material. Green Lantern before Wonder Woman or Flash?? Please!?

Mayren said...

wow, i knew more marvel pics were in the works but this list makes me kinda take a step back and just netflix them all...
I love Marvel characters and this
saturation will put too many nails in their Silver Screen Coffins.

MC said...

Dan: Well, I wonder if that indicates that it is still old timey.

Lee: Well, Iron Man had better previews too ;) And the fact that I actually had to look up who Black Widow was, it definitely doesn't bode well for it.

Mayren: I mean, they wouldn't release that many marvel properties as games in that short of a time span... at least I don't think they do.