Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lone Star Canned

I almost got into Lone Star... but something told me not to.

Now that it has just been cancelled, I feel lucky I held off. I guess I've been burned before by too many shows, especially on Fox (and honestly, Monday nights in general).

It is still a shame really. In the past, I've discussed my love of plots based on cons and such, and Lone Star seemed to have some of that same kind of setup. But it still wasn't the show I desperately want to see.

I always wanted to see a show where a really exceptional conman who, in reflecting on his life and his past misdeeds,decides that he was going to help people by using his bag of tricks to toast some people who truly deserved it. Sort of like a Robin Hood meets the Equalizer/A-Team thing, and the short lived Eyes had a little bit of that.

But in the end, it just makes me wonder if people upon seeing the previews for this series made the assumption that I did that it wouldn't succeed, so they didn't watch it, and thus helped make their assumption a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Oh well. I guess there is always next season.


Sebastian Tauchmann said...

You mean something a bit like "Leverage"?

MC said...

We don't have TNT in Canada yet. I wonder if Showcase picked that series up though.