Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spencer Pratt Writing A Book, Society Yawns

Spencer Pratt is writing a tell-all book about Heidi Montag. I am wondering if I should put the word writing in quotation marks because we all know that you don't write with a crayon, you print.

Now, I am going to save those of you who might buy this book some money and tell you exactly what Spencer Pratt is going to say.

He is going to call Heidi Montag stupid, slutty and a bitch. He is also going to regale the world that cares about his supposedly fabulous stories about The Hills and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here before devoting a chapter to Heidi's plastic surgery.

I am willing to bet money that I just outline that entire book in those two sentences. The sad part is, someone will actually have to read it to tell me if I am right.

I don't like Heidi Montag at all, but after seeing that douche once, it is clear who I would have to side with in this entirely inconsequential battle, and I basically want him to never make another dime from his celebrity. Is that so wrong?

Though, if someone could convince Vinnie Jones to beat him up on a weekly basis and film it, I would pay a vast sum of money for that. I am sure more people would pay for that than will for this book.

And I think that post is going to be the first and last time I ever discuss this individual. Well, maybe he gets a mention on an enemies list post, but not likely.


Megan said...

Why even write this post?

MC said...

Basically because I wanted to insult the dude. No other reason really.

Amber said...

ugh. Spencer Pratt is disgusting. And the bad thing is that I bet he isn't even as disgusting and horrible as he pretends to be--which, ironically, makes him ten times more disgusting.

DEZMOND said...

you mean Spencer knows how to write? Letters, not stories and books? :)

MC said...

Amber: So this whole shopping a sex tape around is just part of his grand plan to look even douchier (if that is possible).

DEZMOND: Likely it will be dictated, not read.

Megan said...

Why add your insults to the others that he laughs at all the way to the bank? Why put his name in the title of a post? Do you see where I'm going with this?

MC said...

I do indeed.