Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scenes Improved By Swearing: American Pie 2

A few weeks ago, I introduced the concept on this blog of movie scenes that would have been improved by the addition of swearing with a re-examination of the finale of Lethal Weapon II. This time out, I am taking a look at another sequel in a long-runnning franchise.

I know that American Pie 2 has a lot of swearing, but there was a particular word that didn't come up during the movie which I think would have been a great additional joke in the movie, though it has been a while since I saw it, so perhaps it was indeed in the movie.

The setup for this is the fact that Paul Finch and Steve Stifler have never liked each other, and the tension between the two was amplified after Finch had sex with Stifler's mom.

So I think there should have been a scene where Stifler called Finch a motherfucker... with the former realizing he just burned himself by using that term.

There was two scenes where I think this might have worked well in.

The first is when Stifler is talking on the phone with someone (who turns out to be his brother), and Finch starts to ask if it was his mother, which Stifler answers in a non-definite, but angry way before walking away. I think if he called Finch a motherfucker and then walked away after realizing he just burned himself with that truthful assessment, it would have been funny.

There is another scene near the very end of the film where Finch was picked up by Stifler's mom, and the other guys are getting ready to head back to Great Falls. Stifler notices a car pulling away from the house, and the others lie about the reason the car was there. Then when they are pulling away, he asks where Finch is, and the others give him three different answers, and Stifler realizes who was in that car and what is about to happen. He would have then called Finch a motherfucker, and one of the other guys might have quipped "Well, I think that's the idea," and then the following scene would have been Finch and Stifler's mom, which was the original ending of the movie.

Perhaps I am thinking too much about this particular topic.


Anonymous said...

The only problem is that that joke was pretty much already used in Garden State.

MC said...

I haven't seen Garden State, but it is good to know someone did that joke.