Friday, August 27, 2010

Nike Maybe Making Self-Tying Shoes

Remember those sweet shoes everyone wore in 2015 Hill Valley in Back to the Future II? Well, Nike has just filed for a patent on that technology.

So we may have self-tying shoes in all of our near future.

Now if only we can somehow get Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactors and those home rehydrator machines on the market by 2015. That would be sweet.

And remember, there have been prototypes of the Hoverboard built too.

Luckily, we have not been subjected to Jaws 19-3D. Though, we are being currently subjected to Piranha 3D.

Well played, Back to the Future. Well played.


Semaj said...

Thank goodness because I can't tie my shoes that well.

The only problem I see with Mr. Fusion is a malfunctioning one having a mini-meltdown in your kitchen. I don't think House Insurance covers small Nuclear fallouts.

Now about that self-drying/self sizing jacket Marty wore...

Mayren said...

dammit i'm still waiting for the hover board!

MC said...

Yeah, but it is fusion, so that wouldn't happen. And helium would be free for all.

And when I think of hoverboards, I keep reminding myself of the hover dolly from Futurama.