Monday, August 02, 2010

I'm the Matt... and I am Awesome....

... or at least part of a Coalition of Awesomeness!

That's right... as well as putting out a quality blog here, I am moonlighting at another collaborative blog as well. Huzzah!

So how did all this come about? It is a simple story.

Lee from Quit Your Day Job came to me with a proposition. We had been looking for a project to collaborate on, and occurred to him that he could get a few of his peers with ninja-like skills and elaborate back stories together and build a team of superbloggers together to fight crime and err, put together a super blog.

From our secret lair, where we learn the skills necessary to kung fu fight aliens while skydiving off the back of an eagle, jump through the air while firing two guns simultaneously (because we love proper action) and how to defuse a bomb with our teeth while blindfolded (a class that Jack Bauer failed by the way), we also put together a series of posts based on a theme. The theme changes every two weeks, so there is going to be a lot of variety.

For our first time out, we have decided to focus on our Favorite Gaming Memories... and I wrote about sports gaming... one particular game from my NCAA Football experiences to be exact. And I will have another post about a particular role playing game later in the week.

Next week (since The Coalition has been going for about a week now), there will be a new, non-gaming related theme, so even if you aren't into gaming, well, there will likely be something of interest for you in the future.

Now if you excuse me, I have to get out of this mask and tights. Bah... with great blogging power comes great blogging responsibility... and wedgies.

Edit: I got a couple emails about the title of this post. It was supposed to be that way. It was a wrestling reference.


Mayren said...

omg i love this!!! Your post is soo full of win thanks for the heads up on the awesomeness. (i really dig your pic )

MC said...

That picture is from a t-shirt. I totally wish I designed it.

If you put Gorilla high fiving shark, you should be able to find it ;)