Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Color Me Disgusted

There is going to be a sequel to The Human Centipede?

Why, why would anyone do such a thing?

Just the idea of the first one is enough to give me a full body shudder, and now someone is making another one.

I've just looked at the box office for it, and I don't know where they are getting the money for the sequel either.

Frankly, I think I would be more interested in a movie based on the old arcade game Centipede than anything in this now movie series.

Wow. Even I have standards. Who knew?

Disclosure: I worked on a screenplay about a giant centipede killing people in the woods, so I may be also having some professional envy.


uninformed unicorn said...

I saw the first one and wasn't as shocked as I expected to be - the plot was a bit weak. I think the sequel or 'sequence' is meant to be sicker, so to speak. Pretty sure it's going to stand a better chance of satisfying morbid curiosity than the first!

John said...

Like Dick Tuck said, "The people have spoken, the bastards."

Mayren said...

this is crazy. i've heard all about the human centipede thing on my local Morning Radio Show (Kevin & Bean on KROQ) and I get ill listening to them even joke about it. Now this means the subject will
come up even more. ugh.

MC said...

UU: I wasn't expecting it to have a rich narrative, truth be told.

John: I think I am more pissed off by the fact that Edgar Wright's movie is getting savaged at the theatres because people are choosing to see Vampires Suck. The bastards indeed.

Mayren: Let's just hope this doesn't become the new Saw.

Lee Sargent said...

I'm okay with never seeing the sequel or the first film.

Dan on the other hand...

MC said...

Well, you two mention it enough on the podcasts.