Friday, July 02, 2010

Mel Gibson

You know, after Mel Gibson's most recent outbursts, I am sort of glad he isn't going to be in the new Mad Max movies.

Granted, I guess the racist yelling and insanity does end up fitting both definitions of mad.

Just when people were starting to let that traffic stop stupidity go, he had to open up an industrial-sized can of dumbass.

Is this going to be his career now? It would be for almost anyone else.


Lee Sargent said...

You know, I can do without Mr Gibson from here on in.

Sure he had a drunken stumble said some stupid stuff and got caught out. Who hasn't done something stupid when drunk (obviously not everyone is THAT stupid but in perspective)?

But reading about this current disaster just makes him sound like an ignorant prick.

I can still watch him in movies, in fact I bought Signs yesterday afternoon but he is no longer a draw card for a film for me either.

I guess we can write off Lethal Weapon 5?

MC said...

Well, Gibson refused to do #5, even though everyone else involved was into it.

Lee Sargent said...

I'm now more than happy to leave the Lethal Weapon series as is.