Friday, June 04, 2010

Celebrity Rehab in Trouble?

I've talked about Celebrity Rehab in the past in passing (mainly in regards to Brigitte Nielsen), and it is to me, one of the most rubberneck inspiring shows on television.

Now, I hadn't been aware that the show was shelved earlier this week because it couldn't find a high profile celebrity to anchor the show around.

Offers had been made to Lindsay Lohan (One million dollars) and Liza Minelli (500 thousand). They are currently trying to woo a Playboy Playmate for the series now.

But you know what, I don't blame the two of them for not wanting to appear on the show. I've seen it... it is not something which makes you look good at all. If anything, if you are above a certain threshold of fame, it can only hurt your career.

Call me naive, but I honestly didn't think there were such huge figures attached to any of the celebrity appearances on that show. I thought that yes, there was some fame whoring in the enterprise, but in the end, the idea was that people who needed help were getting some. I thought healing was the ultimate goal of the whole enterprise for those participating.

But if you are losing your dignity by being on the show instead of going to rehab in private like most people would, I guess you should put a price on that.

My question now becomes, what are some of the other people that have signed up for the show this season, like Tila Tequila, getting paid. And now that figures are out in the open, are some of the celebrities going to try to renegotiate for better fees now?

Any way you slice it, even if Celebrity Rehab somehow makes it back to television, its days seem numbered.


The Invisible Seductress said...

I did not know they got paid to appear. Figured a little,, but geesh. So,,, the more entertaining/popular/side- showish they are assumed to be,, the higher amount they will receive when they get "drafted" to rehab.

MC said...

Yeah, it seems that way. I guess that also creates a weird pecking order throughout the whole process, because who are you going to give the most attention too... the person getting 30K or the one getting a few hundred thousand?