Monday, May 03, 2010

Something turned Four Recently: A Culture Kills Anniversary

It is just like me to forget my bloggiversary. Then again, I haven't been remembering as much as I used to.

Yes, 4 years ago, on April 28th, 2006, Culture Kills got off the ground, a one man band that began life as a Liverpool quartet playing a lot of gigs in Hamburg, Germany.

No, that's not right.

Um, began life as the game that almost killed the video game industry in the early 1980's.

That's not right either.

Maybe it started as a straight man's blog moving in with two women's blog's and having to pretend it is gay to stay at the apartment.

Or did it involve a TARDIS. How could that be, I don't even know what a TARDIS is. All I see is a phone booth.

Oh, I know. It began as a fellowship of a ring...tone.

Nay, it was a plucky blog that worked its way up the ladder at a fashion magazine in New York while simultaneously fighting terrorists in Los Angeles with a series of throat punches, explosions and... DAMMIT!

Crap! I do remember something about kidney punching Jodie Foster. I know that actually happened. I don't know if Chinese food was involved. I think it was.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

There have been false starts, some features that were introduced and then quickly abandoned (like the podcasts... yeah, those aren't coming back).

But the bashing of scientologists, remakes/reboots, and serious stupidity will continue, as will the celebration of the strange, the pseudo-grindhouse and... what else do I do around here?

Oh that's right. The geekery. Yes, that shall continue.

Onward to half a decade of blogging excellence. *snicker* Even I can't keep a straight face calling what I do here as "excellence".


Megan said...

I like it. So what does that make me? (Because it's only ever all about me!)


Cheers, hon. Is it weird to say that you are one of my oldies but goodies?

Lee Sargent said...

Congratulations - here's to four more... or more than that..? Is that how the saying goes?


SamuraiFrog said...

Congratulations. You're one of the reasons the internet is worth being on.

Mayren said...

HUZZAH!!!!! (huggles MC)

Maven said...

Happy Blog-i-versary!!! :)

Semaj said...

bashing of scientologists: agreed, this is something well all need to do more of.

elgringo said...

Congratulations on the 4-year mark!

Also, I'm hosting the My Best Post blog-a-thon.
It goes from May 21st-23rd. Want to be a part of it?
It's pretty easy. You've already written your entry.
Just send me a link to your best/favorite/underrated blog post! Thanks!

MC said...

Megan: Well, it's always about you... we are all just catching on to that fact ;)

Lee: A bird in the hand is better than 4 years in the blogging village?

SF: Coming from you, that is high praise indeed. :)

Mayren: Huzzahs all around, with some extra hip hip hoorays for the icing.

Maven: Danke.

Semaj: For the good of us all... for the good of us all.

Elgringo: I've been giving it some thought for the past couple days. You should have a submission from me soon.

John said...

Happy blogiversary!

MC said...

Well, I have to say, your linkage was a nice anniversary present, I tell you what.