Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So now there is a V-word?

Anyone think it is strange that we can have a bunch of commercials touting remedies for erectile dysfunction, but somehow when a tampon company wants to talk to women like they are adults and refer to the vagina by name or by the compromise "down there", that is somehow not appropriate for 3 of the broadcast networks. Never mind that the line of ads these new ads are following are basically ripping on other euphemistic advertising about these kinds of products anyway.

Interesting how that double Standards and Practices works.


Semaj said...

I just love those ads you posted.

when watching the first one, I had no idea these ads were for real products. I did a Google search and it is a real product.

I don't like the company is attached to Khloé Kardashian for some reason, but clever ads there

MC said...

If you watch the first one without the sound, it appears to be a typical ad of that ilk. And the second ad, apparently all the cut away shots are from other Kotex commercials... so they are ripping on themselves.

Arjan said...

"wtf. after i saw this thing i just had to go buy these tampons. and I'M A BOY "

that comment on youtube about says it all haha ..just awesome.

MC said...

Yes, that is full on win.