Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shia LaBeouf Apologizes

Shia LaBeouf has basically come out and said that Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked, and admitted that he was part of the reason, and has apologized for it.

Shia, if you were personally going to apologize from a movie, the one I think you'd want to apologize the most for is Eagle Eye. What the hell was that thing? Billy Bob Thorton admitted he did that movie for the paycheck, and that is an admission I think you would probably be comfortable with too.

But with Indiana Jones, yeah, you were in that, but the whole transdimensional being thing was all Lucas (if you watch this interview Spielberg gave about the movie, you can almost see a point where his spirit was crushed by Lucas).

And it wasn't you in a lead-lined fridge either.

You have to remember when I say that, I don't have the Star Wars prequel based Lucas-hate that a lot of other people have. I am saying that based on the end product which was, to put it diplomatically, disappointing.

And Transformers... I am sure you are getting paid a lot of money for that, so if you want to apologize for that, well, feel free to do so, but on that one, I am not holding any grudges. Mainly because I haven't fetishized the original toy line, so I can appreciate err, abhor those movies merely for their craptacular nature alone.

So while I do appreciate the effort, part of me wonder if it is all a huge PR move and not a legitimate apology.


Amber said...

I never saw the new Indiana Jones movie but I still think it's odd that Mr. LaBeouf would choose that movie to apologize for. I'm sure you're right...any blame for its horribleness lies mainly with George Lucas.

And Eagle Eye was just stupid.

MC said...

There is a lot of geek rage aimed at him and he is promoting another sequel to an 80's movie, so I think he is trying to avoid the smoke.