Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lohan to play Lovelace Now?

About two and a half years ago, I reported that Anna Faris signed to star in a movie about porn pioneer (and later women's advocate against porn), Linda Lovelace, and at the time I thought that was a really good fit for her, as she seemed to be in need of a role that allowed her push her range a bit further in a higher profile movie.

But following that post, Faris dropped out of the film because, in her words, the movie was a little "heavy" for that point in her career (and with a remake of Private Benjamin in the works, I guess she is opting for the Goldie Hawn career arc).

However, the film never went away, and I just read another story announcing a new star for the project.

Lindsay Lohan.

And this may sound weird, but I don't think she is the right woman for that part. For one, she is ten years younger than Anna Faris, so while she may be age appropriate for the "Linda Lovelace" years, I don't know if she can convincingly pull off the post-porn years as convincingly at 24.

Secondly, having been exposed to some of Lindsay Lohan's interviews in the past, she doesn't seem to be as thoughtful an actress as Anna Faris was. Anna Faris played stupid, but in some of her interviews, she showed a lot of depth and understanding about who she was and what she was brought to the experience. She got the whole process, and the role seemed like a good fit. I don't get that sense from Lohan. At all.

Granted, I haven't seen her work in Chapter 27 and Bobby, so perhaps I am judging her abilities in biopics without giving her a fair shake.

Of course, there is also the last factor: given Lohan's track record of getting kicked off of shows and movies, can any of us expect her to fully commit to this role and give it the effort it deserves. Because we all know she needs this role. Yes, she is in Machete, but one Robert Rodriguez movie does not a continuing career make. She needs to be in a quality movie, something she can point to for future roles, and one that can pull her out of doing movies like Labor Pains. And if she isn't a good fit, or she can't pull off this role, well, it could be devastating for her and her career. In short, it is a big risk.

I don't know if she has it in her to succeed with this role.


John said...

Given Lohan's reputation, why would any porn star want her biopic associated with her?

MC said...

Well, the subject of the movie is dead, so she can't really object.

Lee Sargent said...

Lohan is so far off my radar that I can't object or agree with her in any role at this stage.

I think maybe she needs to take a good look at her career and try and pick two or three solid films to re-inject herself into hollywood. Oh and behaving on set and being professional might help as well.

MC said...

The behavior thing would likely be her best course of action.