Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just What the World Needed: The Star Wars Sitcom

I don't know who was asking for it, but apparently, someone was, because George Lucas has given the green light to a Star Wars-related sitcom.

Seth Green, the co-creator of Robot Chicken, is reportedly already attached to the project.

I am wondering when the first lawsuit is going to pop up from someone who wrote fanfiction similar to a finished episode or series of episodes. You know it is happening.

Is this a late April Fools' joke or a serious endeavor? Only time will tell.

However, if George Lucas has his attention on such a project, perhaps he won't be in a position to wreck a future Indiana Jones movie. That would be a plus.


Jeremy Barker said...

While I have no doubt in Lucas' ability to pillage Star Wars, if Seth Green is involved there is hope.

John said...

Ditto what Jeremy said. Only Seth Green could rescue this idea from Lucas.

MC said...

Yes, better Green than that other ubiquitous Seth, MacFarlane.