Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Commentary Tracks?

I know this isn't really a post, but I am always on the look out for great commentary tracks on DVDs. I recently got through an excellent one on Hot Fuzz between Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino which was sort of like a podcast broke out, with the movie being incidental.

I also liked the commentary track for Dude, Where's My Car which saves that crappy movie.

So are there any other epic (in terms of being entertaining) commentary tracks that you think I should be looking out for?


Amber said...

I only watch my "Goonies" DVD with the commentary track on. It's the whole cast and it cuts back and forth from the film to the cast talking about the movie--at times it's like a picture in picture thing. This is at the height of Sean Astin's "Lord of the Rings" fame and at one point he just leaves. It's weird. But the whole thing is pretty entertaining.

Semaj said...

I listen to a lot of commentary tracks. Here are a few

Lord of the Rings (extended)

Batman & Robin: You have to hear the director try to put his bad movie in a good light, though he admits he screwed up.

Anything with Danny Elfman

All the SW movies, including the new ones

Star Trek Generations and FC: Ron Moore and Braga actually rip on their own films. They're very honest, but still like their movies. I highly recommend these two.

Anything by Bruce Timm in the DCAU and his writing team:

Superman 1 and Superman 2 (Richard Donner cut)

Micheal Bay stuff only if you want to hear just how crazy this mofo really is.

The Net: Yes, bad movie but the original writers completely rip the rewrites to the script apart.

Most of Ridley Scott's commentaries are outstanding. It is like siting in a creative writing class for a few of them.

If I can think of more I post them.

Dan said...

Another vote for Lord of the Rings here.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

I'm considering buying Hot Rod since the commentary amused me so much, so you might want to check it out.

I also enjoyed the commentary for Cannibal! the Musical, where the participants admit at the start that they're going to get drunk and then proceed to do so.

I asked my husband for some suggestions, but he misunderstood and could only think of MST3K. He recommends Space Mutiny, if you can get it.

MC said...

Amber: I should check that out. I am trying to think of another DVD I remember seeing where someone walked out in the middle of the session with little warning. I know it is something in my collection.

Semaj: Oh, I have to hear the Schumacher explanation. And speaking of bad movies, apparently Eli Roth's commentary track is so good on Cabin Fever that it got people who don't like his movies interested in renting Hostel just to hear him talk.

Dan: I have to admit I haven't even seen the Two Towers and the Return of the King yet.

Mrs. Bishojo: Strangely enough, I just posted about Space Mutiny MST3K style last weekend. :)

Lee Sargent said...

In the Conan commentary I'm told that Arnold ridicules the small boy that plays young Conan - suggesting that he has girly arms.

I'm yet to confirm this myself but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

MC said...

I want to see Walter Boyle on an Arnie commentary.

Jimmy J. Aquino said...

Wow, all this talk about great commentraks, and nobody's mentioned the Tropic Thunder commentary with Robert Downey Jr.?

MC said...

How did I forget that?