Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Script Frenzy Feedings: What I am watching

I thought it would be interesting to list the movies I am watching specifically for the genre influences week after week for this Script Frenzy thing.

This first list includes the movies I watched prior to the Frenzy to whet my palette as it were.

Perhaps as this goes along, you will deduce what the horror comedy script I am working on is roughly about.

So far I have watched the following:

The Ruins
Cabin Fever
Dog Soldiers

And this week I am watching:

The Faculty
Dead Snow


Lee Sargent said...

May I also suggest the Final Destination films which I actually found to be really watchable after catching the first one late one night.

I think I've watched all of Cabin Fever (might not have seen the end actually now that I think about it). I've had The Ruins kicking around here for ages and just haven't watched it.

I might also throw Phantoms out there ;)

Semaj said...

I'm trying my best to avoid Cabin Fever at all cost. there was a video review ripping it apart. What is your view on the movie, MC?

Jaws and The Faculty are great choices to get into watching this genre.

Yeah the first two Final Destination are worth checking out again. (Great score by the late composer too)

Megan said...


MC said...

Lee: The Ruins has a gore scene in it that creeps me out. Just thinking about that scene gives me the heebyjeebies.

Semaj: Cabin Fever: The first half is boring, and the second half is just balls-out, total grindhouse (I mean, it throws a lot of stuff out there). It has definite pacing problems.

Megan: Judging or contemplating?