Thursday, March 04, 2010

Something that is Destined to Become a Porno eventually

There are times when strange thoughts occur to me, and last night while I was taking the dog out for a walk, I was struck by a thought that tickled me a little.

I think at some point there is going to be an homage porno made of the Venture Brothers. You know, like all those other recent sitcom based ones that have been released lately. As I wrote a while back, the trailer for the 30 Rock one made the movie look really interesting.

Now, I have to say this from the start... I don't want to see said movie. I just think given the premise, well, it seems making a porno version of the series would be easy. I mean, watching a pornographic movie for the story is like going to an art museum to admire the interior design choices... yes, it may be nice, but that isn't the main attraction.

With that being said, if Doc Hammer and the crew were game, I could totally see this happening.

I mean, you have these potential pairings.

Brock Sampson and Molotov Cocktease (If ever there was a set of porno character names, there they are).
Dean Venture and Triana Orpheus (you know she'd have the last name Orifice, you just know it)
The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (who could also have a scene with The Phantom Limb)
Jonas Venture Junior and Sally Impossible

Now, I am trying to think of who would be scratching Rusty Venture's itch in said movie, and a few names spring to mind, but none of them are real winners in my mind. I am sure a scene could be arranged with Dr. Girlfriend too.

Clearly I have too much time on my hands sometimes. Then again, that may be why I may be entertaining.


John said...

Holding to Rule 34, there must already be porn of The Venture Bros. somewhere.

Megan said...

I wish you lived next door. We would totally hang out. :)

Arjan said...

I don't know The Venture Bros but I feel like you hit the mark anyway.

Amber said...

Rusty could be paired with Myra Brandish, who I think is supposed to be Hank and Dean's real mother. Perhaps, she could show up in a flashback...? In conclusion, I think there should be more flashbacks in porn.

MC said...

John: But a live action porno... that is the question.

Megan: If you had the vodka/schnaps, oh the fun we would have.

Arjan: hehehe

Amber: Or Dr. Quymn. She could work in that scenario too. And Amber... your blog is awesome.