Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Was A Midnight Movie Club Contributor or I Spit on John Cusack

I was recently a guest on the Midnight Movie Club podcast for that seminal 1980's comedy, Better Off Dead after years of planning and months of rigorous recording.

Listen to my disembodied voice trying to blend into the professional interplay between Lee Sargent from Quit Your Day Job and Dan Hughes of All That Comes With It. Yeah... I'm not good. The two of them are total pros, but me, yeah, I sort of sucked.

So for those of you who never heard my earlier podcasts either here or for Lee back when he was doing things pretty much solo at QYDJ and you want to laugh at me, or you remember Better Off Dead and/or you want to hear me rip on John Cusack, well, go take a listen.


Dan said...

I think you were pretty much the opposite of suck.

And any poor blending was due to my lack of editing skills than anything else

MC said...

I am my own worst critic about such things though.

Lee Sargent said...

I think you're being a little harsh on yourself there sir.

I quite enjoyed the podcast and I'm only a little biased.

Megan said...

Where do I go?

MC said...

Lee: I just hate the way I talk though... I skip over my segments when I listen to it because it is hard for me to hear myself.


Semaj said...

I've only seen clips of the movie, but I have to say I found your parts very informative. I did some late night biking on the trails and enjoyed listening to the podcast.

I hope you show up on a few more of their podcast actually.

MC said...

Well, I just may.