Thursday, February 25, 2010

Someone joined Twitter... and it wasn't me!

Man, maybe I would start a twitter account too if I could get 330000 fans with just two posts.

I am of course talking about Conan O'Brien's recent foray into the world of Twitter.

His latest post was the following:

This morning I watched Remington Steele while eating Sugar Smacks out of a salad bowl. I was naked.

I am surprised that Conan couldn't avoid talking about eating on twitter until his tenth post there. But I commend him on not making the obvious choice of Coco Puffs.

I guess he really does have the Twitter state of mind after all.

I wonder what other things he will get up to during his unemployment. You know, aside from considering a tour.


John said...

I am especially pleased that O'Brien used correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

I am less pleased that he was naked, but if one is going to watch Remington Steele while eating cereal, that is dress code-compliant.

MC said...

True... he could have been eating something messier.